Explore BRP

Choose 'Explore BRP' when: you are researching ways to increase the speed of generating revenues.

'Explore BRP' deliverables: 1) A thorough analysis of the capacity and skills you have in-house to manage a high performing referral program; and 2) Recommended actions you can/should take so that you can benefit most from implementing a referral program.

Action BRP

Choose ‘Action BRP’ when: you are ‘on the hook’ for increasing the speed and volume of revenues.

‘Action BRP’ Deliverables: A customized employee referral program plan with budget, timetable, targets, metrics and actions.

Fastest Path to Revenue

Choose ‘Fastest Path to Revenue’ when: you must dramatically increase the speed of your revenues to achieve your sales targets.

‘Fastest Path to Revenue’ deliverables: Customized tools, assets and project management to: 1) Help referral sources bring you more/better revenues faster; 2) Ensure referral program managers optimize results; and 3) Help your company establish/sustain an effective referral program.

Referral Program Tune-up

Tools to Tune-up

Choose ‘Referral Program Tune-up’ when: you need to improve the results from your current referral program.

‘Referral Program Tune-up’ deliverables: 1) A thorough analysis of your current referral program plan, activities and success; and 2) A customized plan detailing how to modify your current program to achieve improved results.


Choose ‘Training’ when: you need to help those people involved in your employee referral program to achieve better results.

‘Training’ deliverables: 1) One-on-one skills development plans; and 2) Coaching that builds high-performing Referral Managers and high-performing referral sources. Training is delivered on-site or remotely.

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