October 2019

New Products Launched to Tackle Two Key HR Challenges

The business benefits of leveraging referral sources extends beyond helping companies shorten sales cycles and increase sales volumes. That's why Bridgemaker Referral Programs has launched a new line of products aimed at addressing two key challenges faced by Human Resources (HR) professionals and departments : 1) Being regarded by company leadership as a 'cost centre'; and 2) Cost-effectively finding candidates whose skills and personality 'fit' within each organization's unique culture.

According to Andrew Brown, Bridgemaker Referral Programs' Chief Innovation Officer, 'Human Resources professionals across industries have confided in us as that their well-intentioned efforts to leverage employees underperform and risk alienating current team members and prospective team members. That's why, by working with talented HR professionals, we have built products that systematically leverage employees to reduce the time it takes to find strong candidates and products that help HR generate new revenues for their companies. It is truly exciting to see HR professionals tap into the proven discipline of using referrals to increasing revenues and apply it to tackle their challenges'.

Get an overview of the products that turn employees into effective referral sources for candidates and new revenues.


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