ACT Program Development LifeCycle
- each stage with its own
goals, focus, and deliverables.

Assess and Recommend

Goal: Evaluating why efforts to leverage referrals are underperforming.
Focus: Referral program structure, supporting elements, and skills of those managing referrals.
Deliverables: Detailed gap analysis and actions to optimize referrals.

Configure in the Real World

Goal: Create a referral program that reflects revenue-generating targets, referral sources, available skills, support, and timelines.
Focus: Current and desired revenue targets, key qualities of referral program stakeholders, and program processes/technologies.
Deliverables: Action plan with budgets and achievable measures of success.

Test by Doing

Goal: To ensure program improvements are achieved and quantified.
Focus: Rolling out program improvements systematically and monitoring results.
Deliverables: Reports that identify program improvements and ‘next steps’ for wider roll-out of program improvements.

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