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Andrew Z. Brown


Founder and Chief Innovation Officer



For over 25 years, Andrew has helped companies across sectors implement programs for attracting, strengthening, and expanding business relationships.
Andrew works with clients to develop the configuration, pricing, and success measures for all BRP programs.

He is the lead author of the ‘How to Grow Your Business Through Better Relationships’ book series. Titles include:

2+2 = 5: The Complete Playbook for Creating a Strategic Alliance That is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts


Putting it All Out There: The Complete Playbook for Selling Products and Services Through the Right Channels


Centers of Influence: The Fastest Path to Revenue (Available on Amazon in 2019).


Michael Donovan


Chief Data and Information Officer



For over 30 years, Michael has translated business processes and requirements into applications used to establish and sustain strong business relationships.

Michael leverages contemporary technologies to ensure clients’ referral programs are efficient, reliable, and predictive of future behaviours.



Alfred Adjetey


VP, Client Engagement and Success



For 20 years, Alfred has helped business professionals to establish and strengthen strong relationships with multiple stakeholders – incl. customers, partners, sponsors, and media.

Alfred works closely with clients to ensure that their day-to-day and long-term goals are being achieved through Bridgemaker Referral Programs. Alfred also develops the BRP training programs – for Referral Managers and Referral Sources.


Robert Gold


Chief Strategy Officer and Advisor



For over 30 years, Robert has helped companies – from across industries – put into place the foundations for strong business growth.

As such, he has successfully established and nurtured long-standing business relationships with a broad spectrum of partners, alliances, sponsors, clients, media, and investors. In so doing, he has been named the accountant of choice for entrepreneurs in Toronto, produced Canada’s most successful business podcast (The BusinessCast), and inspired the next generation of business leaders as a guest lecturer and advisor to Canada’s leading Universities and Colleges.

Robert serves to keep Bridgemaker Referral Programs’ strategy aligned with the needs of its clients.

Robert is co-author of the book Business Truths which includes interviews from senior executives at pioneering companies, including: Asigra, Best Buy Canada, Big Viking Games, Canada Goose, Eventbrite, Softchoice, and Yogurty's.


Peter Linseman


Director, Creative and Video



For over 25 years, Peter has been creating video, music, and events to help leaders, teams, and organizations build positive, long-lasting relationships.

Peter creates and project manages all the referral program collateral materials involving video and audio.


ACT Program Development LifeCycle
- each stage with its own
goals, focus, and deliverables.

Assess and Recommend

Goal: Evaluating why efforts to leverage referrals are underperforming.
Focus: Referral program structure, supporting elements, and skills of those managing referrals.
Deliverables: Detailed gap analysis and actions to optimize referrals.

Configure in the Real World

Goal: Create a referral program that reflects revenue-generating targets, referral sources, available skills, support, and timelines.
Focus: Current and desired revenue targets, key qualities of referral program stakeholders, and program processes/technologies.
Deliverables: Action plan with budgets and achievable measures of success.

Test by Doing

Goal: To ensure program improvements are achieved and quantified.
Focus: Rolling out program improvements systematically and monitoring results.
Deliverables: Reports that identify program improvements and ‘next steps’ for wider roll-out of program improvements.


October 2019

New Products Launched to Tackle Two Key HR Challenges

The business benefits of leveraging referral sources extends beyond helping companies shorten sales cycles and increase sales volumes. That's why Bridgemaker Referral Programs has launched a new line of products aimed at addressing two key challenges faced by Human Resources (HR) professionals and departments : 1) Being regarded by company leadership as a 'cost centre'; and 2) Cost-effectively finding candidates whose skills and personality 'fit' within each organization's unique culture.

According to Andrew Brown, Bridgemaker Referral Programs' Chief Innovation Officer, 'Human Resources professionals across industries have confided in us as that their well-intentioned efforts to leverage employees underperform and risk alienating current team members and prospective team members. That's why, by working with talented HR professionals, we have built products that systematically leverage employees to reduce the time it takes to find strong candidates and products that help HR generate new revenues for their companies. It is truly exciting to see HR professionals tap into the proven discipline of using referrals to increasing revenues and apply it to tackle their challenges'.

Get an overview of the products that turn employees into effective referral sources for candidates and new revenues.


February 2019

New Series for Leveraging 'Centers of Influence' Launched

Software Business Growth Magazine - a publication dedicated to helping ambitious companies across industries apply best practices for growth - has invited Bridgemaker Referral Programs' Chief Innovation Officer, Andrew Brown to author a new series on harnessing 'Centers of Influence' (COI).

The 10-part series draws on the insights from software executives and software associations to tackle the day-to-day challenges and strategic issues faced in rolling out an effective COI strategy. Among the topics covered, the following items are addressed: the pros and cons of COI programs, how to prepare for COI programs, how to manage COI programs, and how to integrate COI programs with existing Sales and Marketing programs.

For an overview of the series, check out the first article, Harnessing Centers of Influence: A Targeted Growth Strategy.

January 2019

Bridgemaker Referral Programs Launches New Workshops

Bridgemaker Referral Programs has launched four new workshops to help companies achieve their growth goals by harnessing the power of referral sources. According to its Chief Innovation Officer, Andrew Brown, 'Business leaders need fast and effective methods to leverage referral sources -- whether to increase the volume of sales, reduce the time it takes to close sales deals or find the best team candidates. Executives from across industries have shared with us that they are frustrated by the options currently available in the market for cost-effectively tapping into referral sources. That's why we're excited about launching customized 90-minute workshops that provide companies with practical steps that are immediately actionable'.

To find out how you can get a free 90-minute workshop that is customized to your organization and your growth goals, contact us now.

November 2018

Bridgemaker Referral Programs Helps Software Companies Grow

Software Business Growth, a premiere magazine for software executives around the world, has launched a new series of articles to help these busy leaders grow their businesses faster. The articles, which provides strategic and tactical tips on how to harness the power of referrals is authored by Andrew Brown, the Chief Innovation Officer of Bridgemaker Referral Programs.

The first article in the new series highlights how software companies can achieve revenue growth by focusing on the types of referral behaviours that lead to generating new business (i.e. High Impact Referral Activity).

The second article focuses on the specific steps that software company leaders can take to make sure they are Referral-Ready.

New articles will be be published on Software Business Growth monthly.

October 2018

Legal Profession Highlights the Importance of Referral Programs

The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) is bringing attention to the impact that referrals have throughout the legal profession in a new series of articles, Harnessing the Power of Referrals for Legal Professionals – authored by the Chief Innovation Officer of Bridgemaker Referral Programs, Andrew Brown.

Part 1 of the series, which includes insights from Lerners, LLP and Caravel Law, LLP provides an overview of some of the tactics used to leverage referrals to generate new business.

Part 2 of the series provides specific actions that legal professionals can take to avoid the pitfalls hindering law firms' efforts to optimize referrals.

The series will continue monthly.


September 2018

Playbook for Building Relationships (via Channels) Released

Strong business relationships are at the core of any successful channel sales program. That’s why Bridgemaker Referral Programs’ Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Andrew Brown has just published his latest book on building strong business relationships. Putting it All Out There: The Complete Playbook for Selling Products and Services Through the Right Channels is now available on Amazon.

The new playbook includes practical insights from pioneers in channel sales, including: ADP, Constant Contact, Everlink, HP, and Smooth Pay.

Get a free chapter by sending an email to abrown@BridgemakerReferralPrograms.com or purchase on Amazon.

August 2018

Bridgemaker Referral Programs Presenting to Service Professionals

Harnessing the power of referrals is key to all practicing service professionals. That’s why Bridgemaker Referral Programs’ Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Andrew Brown has been invited to present at this year's 'Success in the Business of Being in Practice' Workshop (Hosted by Bennett Gold, Chartered Accountants). The event, aimed at helping medical professional grow their practices will be held on October 25, 2018 in Toronto. To register for the 'by invitation only' event, contact Robert Gold, Managing Partner, Bennett Gold, LLP.

July 2018

Referral Program Best Practices Event Schedule Just Announced

If achieving your revenue targets means you depend on referrals, check out the three newest ‘Fastest Path to Revenue’ webinar series. Each 25 minute webinar tackles how to get the most out of your referral program. Dates are August 30, September 26, and October 24. Register Now because space is limited.

June 2018

New Business Relationship Building Playbook Available

Strong business relationships are at the core of any successful strategic alliance. That’s why Bridgemaker Referral Programs’ Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Andrew Brown has just published his latest book on building strong business relationships. The 2+2 = 5: The Complete Playbook for Creating a Strategic Alliance That is Greater Than The Sum of its Parts is now available. You can also request a free chapter by sending an email to abrown@BridgemakerReferralPrograms.com


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